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Why quotes


Quotes is one of the most shareable formats on social media and universally loved by people. That means free traffic to your accounts.

Experts choice

Social media experts like Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others use quotes as a part of their content strategy.

Brand boost

Quotes are famous for their mood-elevating and feel-good effect. Perhaps, you'd like to associate these emotions with your brand?

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All the content you get is Shadowban-proof and 100% safe for commercial use. We use fine royalty-free components only.


We make content just for you, according to your settings. Unlike your competitors, your content will be unique and generating you free traffic.

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You can order up to 500 pieces at a time; consider your content sourcing task solved for a year. Oh, and did we mention it's cheap?

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You are the owner and the signature is all yours. Add your logo to the content to make it harder to steal, boost your brand recognition, and get extra visitors to your website.

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Here’s why experts insist on using quotes in social media marketing